Deutsch Gothic by James Fordyce.


. Letter Gothic L™ by URW Type Foundry.



. Published at 2022-09-13. .

This font is a well-balanced sans serif typeface.

. There are four: IBM Plex Sans, Plex Serif, Plex Mono, and Plex Sans Condensed. Letter Gothic MT by Monotype.

. A.

It was created between 1956 and 1962 by Roger Roberson for IBM in their Lexington, Kentucky, plant, and was inspired by the original drawings for Optima.

Merriweather is best used for: Resumes.

Orbitron was designed so that graphic designers in the future will have some alternative to typefaces like Eurostile or Bank Gothic. .

Letter Gothic L™ by URW Type Foundry. .

This font’s design looks more rounded than the other sans serif fonts, which makes it more appealing.

It was originally designed by Morris Fuller Bentonfor the American Type.

But it’s not so round to the point that it makes the style look soft.

. 493,942 downloads (214 yesterday) 1 comment 100% Free - 2 font files. It was originally designed by Morris Fuller Bentonfor the American Type Founders Company in 1903.

Although letters may be thin, this font can still stand out because of its amazing design. Individual Styles. Letter Gothic MT contains 4 styles and family package options. 1,077,680 downloads (198 yesterday) 8 comments 100% Free. Science Gothic adds four design axes: extreme weight and width, plus contrast (Y Opaque or ‘YOPQ’and slant), a lowercase, and extensive language.

Dotgothic 16 is based on the old 16x16 Gothic bitmap font that recreates the feel of pixel fonts from old video games, cell phones and computer screens on print.

[1] It was initially intended to be used in IBM's Selectric typewriters. About Google Fonts Google Fonts is the leading host of open-source fonts for use on the web, with hundreds of font families available for inclusion in web pages or download.


Unusually this type includes lowercase letters.

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